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Landsail Tyres

YMF Car Parts stock one of the largest collections of Landsail tyres available in the UK. Starting at their lowest-cost LS188 and ranging up to their premium LS588, we’ve got all the Landsail tyres that you need.

Are Landsail Tyres Any Good?

Landsail may not be a name you are familiar with in the tyre market. Unlike many well-known brands, Landsail is relatively new. However, they’re beginning to become a dominant force in the industry, particularly in the low-cost sector, and for good reason. Landsail tyres have incredible durability, efficiency and performance. Wet weather, dry weather, cold or warm, long-distance, short-distance, it doesn’t matter. With excellent versatility across all kinds of situations and environments, you can depend on a Landsail tyre.

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Landsail Tyre Reviews

Hitting a near 80% satisfaction rating on, Landsail impressed with their combination of performance and affordability. Road users have a lot of praise for these “awesome” tyres, particularly pleased with grip and comfort. For low-cost alternatives to mid-range tyres, Landsail comes out favourably. This notable review highlights the comparison between Landsail and mid-range options:

“I would definitely buy again.” The review says, continuing that they are close to the standards of a “good mid-range tyre and the construction quality is high for a budget tyre.”

Their longevity is noted in reviews as lasting a good number of years, while many are surprised by the level of quality found in such an affordable tyre. One reviewer states:

“Very good value. Good reaction, traction and noise level. These replaced Uniroyals (mid-range) on a 5-Series, and I prefer them.”

Another says:

“Had these on my Ford ST150 for the last three years. Done 28,000 miles on them. Fantastic grip, good mileage and a good price. Worked well in the snow too.”

Buying Landsail Tyres

With the performance of a good quality mid-range tyre and the affordability of a budget tyre, Landsail has plenty to offer road users, which is why we specialise in Landsail at YMF Car Parts. Browse our extensive Landsail range and find the perfect tyre for your needs. If you’re interested in our Landsail tyre range but aren't sure which product to buy, send us a message using our live chat feature, and we’ll be happy to help!