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What is a Wheel Bearing? All You Need to Know


What Is a Wheel Bearing?


A wheel bearing is an essential part of a car that allows the vehicle’s wheels to turn. The part consists of a metal ring that houses a series of metal balls that are lubricated and able to spin around inside the metal ring. This movement enables better rotation of wheels. 



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About to Sell? 5 Ways to Increase the Value of Your Car


When it comes to selling a car — as with any other item sale — you’re going to be looking to secure the best price. For some people, buying a car is an investment, and when the time comes to recuperate costs, you want to be driving home the highest figure.


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How to Check Brake Pads on Your Car


Car brakes are something we often take for granted. We rarely consider their value until they stop working. An effective car brake allows you to slow and halt the momentum of a fast-travelling object that weighs well over a metric ton without you even thinking about it.

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How to Find Car Parts by Registration Number


Studies show that fewer and fewer people understand how cars work. In a world where the reliability of vehicles is increasing, and the availability of professional motor care is widespread, many see little need to learn the ins and outs of vehicle maintenance. 



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How to Change a Car Battery: Beginners Guide


There are some car repair jobs you cannot do yourself. From repairing timing chains to replacing brake discs and fixing windshield cracks, it can often be essential to take your car to a professional mechanic. A job done well for a cost is always better than a job done improperly for free — especially when it comes to vehicle safety.


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