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Good car care is all about getting the most out of your vehicle. Here's our guide to looking after your prized possession using the best detailing methods available

Do you love your car? If so, you might want to start thinking like a pro and give your baby the proper car care it deserves. Giving your car a quick wash by yourself with a sponge or putting it through a five-quid car wash isn't the quality care your car needs (or wants). 

In this post we look at how to care for your car like a pro by breaking down the full car-detailing process. We'll go through everything from scrubbing the wheels to the finishing touches.

Why should you care about your car? A car is a considerable investment, and as soon as it’s on the road, it becomes vulnerable to the sun, salt, grease, grime, rain, acid rain, smog, tree sap, bugs, and — to top it all off — bird droppings.

If you want to keep your car in great shape and fight off that car depreciation as much as possible, quality car care is essential. You will also reduce your risk of expensive issues down the line. Finally, your car will look nice, which is what we want, right? 

The Professional Car Care Method


Wash the Wheels

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Think you might have a bad ignition coil? In this blog, we run through the common ignition coil problems, symptoms and solutions so you can be sure your vehicle is working correctly.

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When it comes to selling a car — as with any other item sale — you’re going to be looking to secure the best price. For some people, buying a car is an investment, and when the time comes to recuperate costs, you want to be driving home the highest figure.


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Car brakes are something we often take for granted. We rarely consider their value until they stop working. An effective car brake allows you to slow and halt the momentum of a fast-travelling object that weighs well over a metric ton without you even thinking about it.

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There are some car repair jobs you cannot do yourself. From repairing timing chains to replacing brake discs and fixing windshield cracks, it can often be essential to take your car to a professional mechanic. A job done well for a cost is always better than a job done improperly for free — especially when it comes to vehicle safety.


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