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The best aftermarket exhaust components are designed to work at least as well as, and sometimes better than, the original equipment.

Apart from keeping noise to an acceptable minimum, a quality replacement exhaust system is a key component in creating the correct balance between exhaust gas flow capacity and velocity, this balance is crucial in getting the exhaust gases out of the combustion chamber in the most efficient way possible.

An exhaust system which is correctly tuned for the vehicle will offer the best performance across the widest range of engine power/torque and optimised fuel efficiency at any given time.

So, to make sure that you get the quality that you need, you need to fit a premium product.

EuroFlo’s heavily engineered internals incorporate multiple chambers, unique hole patterning and sound control chamber technology, all designed to maximise sound absorption.

A more traditional, older technology used by other manufacturers is to use sound absorption materials, like e-glass.

With e-glass, the sound waves get trapped in the fibres instead of escaping the silencer. This can be a cheaper manufacturing solution as it drastically reduces the structural complexity of the interiors. However, the fibres will also trap water and exhaust gas materials that produce harmful chemical reactions and compromise the sound absorption efficiency, durability and performance of the silencer itself.

A fully aluminised exhaust is also a key feature of a EuroFlo exhaust system, enabling them to offer their industry leading 3 Year Warranty.

A quality exhaust system does so much more than keeping exhaust noise at an acceptable level, it also has a huge influence in maintaining optimum vehicle performance.


Why Buy Euroflo Exhausts?

EuroFlo exhausts are manufactured in our ISO9001/TUV accredited factory and offer an industry leading 3 year warranty on all exhaust components.

•    Fully Aluminised

•    Double Skinned

•    O.E. style bracketry, high quality olives

•    Heavily engineered interiors

•    Interiors pressed together, not welded, to prevent interior corrosion

•    Specific baffle hole patterns developed for each vehicle

•    Unique Sound Control Chamber technology

•    Ongoing Homologation Programme

•    Industry leading 3 year warranty

EuroFlo are completely focused on product quality and continue to make improvements to our ISO accredited factory and processes.

Looking to purchase Euroflo Exhausts? you can find them here - Euroflo Exhausts

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The aftermarket for starter motors and alternators has entered a transitional phase as the first wave of vehicles with start stop technology is more than 10 years old and their owners require more cost efficient replacement components than a brand new component from the main dealer.

Leading aftermarket product manufacturers have reacted with a range of stop start starter motors for the most popular vehicles on the road. 

The use of these first generation stop start units is limited by the need to maintain power levels for an array of technology and convenience features in modern cars. The power demands of modern accessories have led to calls for a switch to 48-volt electrical systems, which provide more electrical capacity but avoid the costly high-voltage batteries and power electronics of old-style mild hybrids.

New 48-volt mild-hybrid systems can increase the fuel efficiency of internal combustion engines, without the cost and complexity of full-hybrid powertrains.

Looking to purchase Starter Motors and Alternators? find them here - Alternators & Starter Motors

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Published: 15/10/2021

Carlube Triple R Premium Engine Oils

To protect car engines, it is more important than ever to use a high quality engine oil that meets the specifications stated by the vehicle manufacturer.

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Published: 15/10/2021

Beckermann Engine Management Sensors

Camshaft & Crankshaft Sensors

The camshaft sensor monitors the position of the camshaft to allow for correct ignition timing. The crankshaft sensor detects the position of the crankshaft allowing the ECU to calculate its position in relation to the pistons in the engine.

Sensor Types

There are two types of sensor, an Inductive (magnetic) or Hall effect sensor and both operate by outputting a voltage when close to metal – the frequency of this signal is detected by the ECU.

Inductive sensors use a magnet to pick up a signal from the engine cranking and are either mounted in the block of the engine near the flywheel, or close to the crankshaft itself. The sensor picks up notches on a spinning disk, reluctor wheel or the crankshaft. When each notch passes it causes a change in the magnetic field, sending an alternating current signal to the ECU.

Hall Effect sensors are mounted in the same place as the inductive sensor and respond to the same notches, though instead of an analogue AC signal, it creates a digital signal, either on or off, as the notches pass the sensor. They are also known as crank sensors, speed sensors, RPM sensors or flywheel sensors.

General Fitting Advice

1.  Camshaft sensor failure is commonly caused by damage from oil contamination. Ensure any oil leaks are addressed before replacing the sensor.

2.  Carefully remove the old sensor.

3.  Oil the ‘O’ ring of the new sensor.

4.  Correct positioning of the new sensor is critical, camshaft sensors often feature slotted mounting holes and/or locating pins so ensure that any locating pins are correctly seated before fully slotting into place. Failure to do so can shear off the locating pin causing misalignment of the sensor and incorrect readings.

5.  Reconnect wiring and reset the ECU if needed.


Beckermann Camshaft and Crankshaft Sensors are engineered to original equipment standards and 100% tested for long lasting, reliable performance. Purchase Beckermann Engine Managment Sensors here - Beckermann Sensors


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