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Clay Bars, Lubricants and Mitts

Car clay bar lubricants and mitts are made to remove a whole host of nasties that you don’t want on your paintwork: tar, insects, road grime, brake dust, rust and more. Many of these nasties can’t be removed by regular cleaning products, and that’s where clay bars and mitts come into their own.

There’s some disagreement between whether clay mitts or clay bars are better, but here at YMF Car Parts, we stock both, so you can choose the one you prefer.

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Our Car Clay Bars, Lubricants and Mitts

Car Clay bars, lubricants and mitts are great for giving dull-looking and rough paintwork a new lease of life. They remove a lot more grime and dirt you pick up than other products, and you can use them on alloy wheels to remove engrained brake dust. Clay lubricants help to keep the clay bar or mitt gliding smoothly over the surface.

“Claying” can take some time, and that’s why we only stock the best clay products at YMF Car Parts. We stock products from premium brands like EZ, Power Maxed and Car Gods.

Buying Car Clay Bar Lubricants from YMF Car Parts

Ready to get started with clay bars, mitts and lubricants? We don’t want to keep you waiting, and that’s why we offer next-day delivery with free shipping options when you order from YMF Car Parts. We’ve been helping people repair and maintain their cars for over 50 years, so we know our stuff when it comes to auto detailing.

Got a question about clay bars, mitts or lubricants? Unsure where to start with them? Get in touch with our support team today by sending us a message using our live chat feature.