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Number Plate Fittings

At YMF Car Parts UK, we understand the importance of securely attaching your number plate to your vehicle. That's why we offer a selection of durable and reliable number plate fittings designed to keep your number plate in place, even in challenging driving conditions.

Discover our professional standard car number plate fitting screws and caps. Automotive experts have selected our product range to ensure complete customer satisfaction. Our durable and hard-wearing car number plate screws are suitable for all car number plates and light commercial vehicles, including trucks, vans and pickups. Complete with our selection of colour-coordinated caps perfect for all number plate colours (black, white and yellow), our number plate fitting range has everything you need.

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Why Choose Number Plate Fittings from YMF Car Parts UK?

  1. Durability: Our number plate fittings are made from high-quality materials such as stainless steel and nylon, ensuring durability and resistance to corrosion and wear over time.

  2. Secure Attachment: With our range of fittings, you can ensure that your number plate stays securely attached to your vehicle, even at high speeds or in adverse weather conditions.

  3. Easy Installation: Our number plate fittings are designed for easy installation, allowing you to quickly and securely attach your number plate without the need for specialised tools or equipment.

  4. Versatility: Whether you need screws, caps, or brackets, we offer a variety of fittings to suit different types of number plates and vehicle models, providing versatility and compatibility for various applications.

Shop Number Plate Fittings at YMF Car Parts UK: Explore our range of number plate fittings at YMF Car Parts UK and ensure that your number plate stays securely attached to your vehicle. With our durable and reliable fittings, you can drive with confidence knowing that your number plate is always in place.