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Car Exhausts, Cats & DPFs

YMF stock a wide range of premium quality exhaust pipes, silencers, catalytic converters, cats, diesel particulate filters, DPF's and more!

The car exhaust main function is to drive harmful exhaust fumes and gases away from the engine and to reduce engine noise as it does so. It also helps to improve fuel consumption. The exhaust emissions travel from the front pipe to the back pipe of the exhaust system and will pass through a catalytic converter or a diesel particulate filter on the way.

Catalytic converters convert harmful exhaust gases in to less harmful gases by using rare earth metals to produce a chemical reaction within the monolith. The reaction takes place once the cat converter reaches operating temperature of around 300 degrees celcius.

Diesel particulate filters act as a filter to trap soot produced by diesel engines. The exhaust gases pass through the filter but the soot is trapped inside. When the filter inside begins to fill up with soot a regeneration process starts which burns off the soot at extremely high temperatures which breaks it down in to smaller particles.

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All of our exhausts, cats & DPF's come from approved suppliers, including Euroflo, BM Cats and Klarius to ensure the highest quality range of products possible.

We deliver nationwide and offer FREE delivery on orders over £30 with a Click & Collect service also available. Simply order your parts online, choose one of our seven locations in Yorkshire to collect from and pay for the goods. We welcome trade and retail customers and are always happy to help.

Buy Exhausts, Cat Converters & DPF parts online today with YMF Car Parts.