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Car Gods 54

Car Gods 54 Valeting & Detailing Supplies

Some time ago, a mythological legend was sparked that would transform the world of car detailing for eternity. This range, crafted by the Gods, comes into the arms of the public for the first time. The range was coined Car Gods, mirroring the quality of the products and the almighty beings that created them. The range includes over 40 of the finest hand-crafted products to cover all aspects of vehicle detailing, from pre-cleaning and decontamination to protection and restoration. Named after the Gods they reflect, this divine range of products is a collection for the virtuous, and those who believe in detailing immortality.

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Car Gods Air freshener

£1.30 incl. VAT
Car Gods Bucket Dolly Black

£55.20 incl. VAT
Car Gods Microfibre Cloth

from £2.90 incl. VAT
Car Gods Microfibre Drying Towel

from £3.70 incl. VAT
Car Gods Snow Foam Cannon

£28.90 incl. VAT

Car Gods products are developed in our comprehensively equipped and expertly staffed Technical Centre, where our Science Gods strive to constantly improve formulations, as well as finding new ways to advance detailing without compromise. All Car Gods products are developed and manufactured in the UK in our production facility, and feature formulas unique to the product range.

Quality Formulations:
Our products don’t contain low cost acids in order to save money and we avoid using solvents to strip contaminants. Instead we use technologically advanced formulations to ensure that our products work together with today’s technology that is applied to the car surfaces. This ethos ensures that the product performs as the consumer expects, without negotiation and without harming the vehicle. Paint technology has changed over the years, with water based technology, metallic composite acrylics and even Xirallic coatings giving that metal flake effect - our products have been tested and developed with these finishes in mind.

Product Development:
Our Technical staff don't hold back when it comes to developing a new product, they pay attention to every single detail and every formulation will have been thought through from technicality and convenience to fragrance and sight. Each new formulation is tested quantifiably for performance, effectiveness and durability and benchmarked against our own high standards as well as against leading competitors.

State of the art:
Performance analysis is carried out in our Technical Centre using state of the art equipment, as well as practical hands-on testing. We use individual panels or we get hands on with our own vehicles in our fully equipped valeting bay. All our formulations have been carefully thought through and tested on all sorts of materials to see what type of reactions would take place.

The devil’s in the detail:
It's not just the chemical formulations we pay great attention to, all Car Gods trigger bottle products use an ergonomic pre-compressed trigger system which provides powerful drip free dispensing, consistent droplet size, no leakage and they are  always primed. They also keep up the same performance level with more viscous products.