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Car Gods 54

Car Gods 54 Valeting & Detailing Supplies

Some time ago, a mythological legend was sparked that would transform the world of car detailing for eternity. This range, crafted by the Gods, comes into the arms of the public for the first time. The range was coined Car Gods, mirroring the quality of the products and the almighty beings that created them. The range includes over 40 of the finest hand-crafted products to cover all aspects of vehicle detailing, from pre-cleaning and decontamination to protection and restoration. Named after the Gods they reflect, this divine range of products is a collection for the virtuous, and those who believe in detailing immortality.

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Car Gods Air freshener

£2.00 incl. VAT

The Car Gods 54 range has been thoroughly tested against many competitor products and the products either meet or exceed product performance whilst being 
gentle to surfaces. For example, the Car Gods 54 range will not cause corrosive reactions to paint surfaces or crack clear plastics.

You can be confident that attention to detail has been paid on each and every product in the Car Gods range and each formulation has been thought through from the first stage to the final finish.

Car Gods 54 trigger bottles and trigger heads are of the highest quality and come equipped with an ergonomic pre-compressed trigger system which provides powerful drip free dispensing. The trigger is always primed, the droplet size is consistent and they do not leak, even with more viscous products.