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Steering & Suspension

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Enhance your vehicle's handling and ride comfort with YMF Car Parts' selection of reliable steering and suspension parts. From control arms to ball joints, we offer high-quality components designed to optimise your car's performance. Discover our range below to find the perfect fit for your vehicle.

YMF stock a wide range of premium quality steering and suspension parts including anti roll bar bushes, anti roll bar links, axle beam mountings, axial joints, ball joints, drag links, link rods, rack ends, stabiliser links, suspension arms, tie rods, track control arms, track rod ends, wishbone arms and much more!

Your car’s steering and suspension are two complex systems which work together to support your vehicle and keep it under control. Power steering systems allow you to move the vehicle left and right and it does this by moving the suspension system. Your vehicle sits on top of the suspension system, so when the car suspension is turned, the vehicle follows. Suspension systems also support the weight of the vehicle and the various components work together to create a smooth, balanced ride.

The open road can put a lot of strain on our vehicles and your car has speed bumps, potholes, uneven roads and sharp corners to contend with. It’s not uncommon for one or more components of your steering or suspension system to become damaged or worn out, so it’s important to replace them where necessary.

Types of Car Steering and Suspension Parts:

  1. Control Arms: Upgrade your vehicle's suspension system with our selection of control arms for stability and support. Ensure precise wheel alignment and improved handling with our durable control arms.

  2. Tie Rod Ends: Explore our tie rod ends for reliable steering control and responsiveness. Built to withstand daily driving, our tie rod ends offer enhanced durability and performance.

  3. Ball Joints: Ensure proper suspension and steering alignment with our high-quality ball joints. Engineered for precision and durability, our ball joints provide smooth and controlled movement for a comfortable ride.

  4. Bushings: Upgrade your vehicle's suspension bushings for improved stability and reduced noise and vibration. Crafted from premium materials, our bushings withstand harsh road conditions for long-lasting performance.

And much more!

Why Choose YMF Car Parts for Steering and Suspension Parts?

  • Premium Quality: Our steering and suspension parts are sourced from trusted manufacturers, ensuring durability, reliability, and performance.

  • Wide Selection: Find the right parts for your vehicle's steering and suspension system from our comprehensive range.

  • Expert Guidance: Our knowledgeable team provides expert advice and assistance in selecting the right parts to meet your specific needs.

  • Convenient Ordering: Enjoy hassle-free ordering with fast shipping and secure payment options.

  • Customer Satisfaction: We prioritise customer satisfaction, delivering top-notch products and exceptional service.

Upgrade your vehicle's steering and suspension system with YMF Car Parts' reliable parts. Shop now and experience improved performance and comfort on every drive!